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Can’t sing at all.

The SFS Beginner Membership gives you access to the 1st 3 Elements of Singing and everything you need to Master Pitch and sing in tune.

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The SFS Advanced Membership gives you access to the last 3 Elements of Singing and takes you beyond just singing in tune.

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The SFS Complete Memberhsip gives you access to the all 6 Elements of Singing and all the fundamentals you need to sing like a pro!

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The SFS Mini-courses let you get a feel for the course structure I use and how I teach, while learning valuable singing and performance skills.


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SFS eBook Bundle

The original book Singing From Scratch. that started it all along with a copy of the SFS Complete Glossary for the hardcore DYI’er. All the courses are based on this book.


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SFS Blog

I get a lot of questions.  Some of them I answer with short videos.  Some of them I answer in my Podcast. But usually I go into detail and answer some of the most common questions in my blog.


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