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Hello and welcome to the Singing From Scratch Podcast!  This being the first Episode, it is of course an introductory episode. Here is a brief overview of what I go over.

Brief introduction to myself, Michael Graves (don’t worry I don’t go on and on. It’s REALLY short lol!)

Quick overview of the 6 Elements of Singing and how everything about singing can fit in and/or be address with these 6 Elements.

  • The 1st Element of Singing – You
  • The 2nd Element of Singing – Conceptual Placement (Minds Eye)
  • The 3rd Element of Singing – Pitch (duh)
  • The 4th Element of Singing – Resonance
  • The 5th Element of Singing – Shaping
  • The 6th Element of Singing – Dynamics

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!



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