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BlackAndSilverMicCoverFinalAfter designing and surveying six different designs for the cover of Singing From Scratch, the winner is the silver mic with the black background.  Oddly enough it was the easiest to design.  The crowd scene cover took me the longest.

It was close race actually between it and the microphone with the blue background as seen below in the collection.  The score was 15-10 out of 35 total votes.  The Odessa opera house and the crowd scene covers were a distant 3rd and 4th with 5 and 4 votes respectively.  Full house at the Met was a distant 5th with only one vote.

Guess you can figure out which one got skunked!

I must say that it was tough for me to go with this one in the end as the blue background mic was my favorite.  The thing that makes it tough isn’t that I think I know best.  That’s why you survey things in the first place. When it comes to marketing, trusting your own opinion isn’t always the most thorough or smartest way to go.  After all, you are only one opinion.  And you can’t really call that a market majority.  Unless of course you are only going to market to yourself.  And that just seems redundant to me.

What made it tough was how close it was.  If it was 24 – 1 over the blue background, then I wouldn’t have given the decision a second thought.  But to have it so close AND have the two professional marketer friends of mine ALSO choosing the blue background, is what made it tough.

One of them is a friggin’ guru of online marketing, Laura Betterly and the other Robert Nahas is a friggin’ guru of book writing and publishing.  But I’m sure both of them would tell me that going with the survey is the right thing to do.  Give the people what they want.

I did however take the liberty of taking some advice that each of them gave me and made some adjustments to the winner.  Just a few tweeks, but I think it made all the difference.  I guess time will tell.

Here are all the contestants in order of winning votes with the original silver mic black background design.  Thanks to all of you who voted!





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