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What Is Pitch In Music?

When it comes to learning how to sing or learning music in general for that matter, there tends to be some confusion around the word 'pitch'  and what pitch is in music. In music and singing there are way too many words that are dropped in front of you for you to trip...

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How To Be A Successful Artist

Not to long ago I had had enough of running across artistic failure.  I got tired of hearing about it or seeing it and feeling like there was nothing I could do to help. I can not even fathom trying to remember the number of times I have met someone who was 'once upon...

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High Notes Need Room To Grow

First off, a simple explanation of the word resonance is, sound building with echos. Sound bounces around and combines with its echos to change and grow. That’s the simple version. Now that we have established that, let me get controversial. There is no such thing as...

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To Copy a Singers Style or Not

I was asked to answer a singing question on Quora today by a follower. In the question, he had a friend who was a great pop musician that told him "do not emulate the original singer closely, but sing it in your style regardless [of] whether people will like it or...

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