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The main and most obvious Element of Singing is Pitch, or singing in tune.  And for the most part, that is the main reason people come to me and Singing From Scratch in the first place.  But as you have already discovered in doing the courses on the previous 2 Elements of Singing, You and Conceptual Placement, it isn’t the basic Element.   You have to have those other Elements in before moving along.  So, if you haven’t done those, I suggest you turn around and go back down the road and do those courses.

But I will assume you have an move on from here.

Singing in tune, or doing anything efficiently really, is all about understanding what materials you are dealing with.

Let’s say for a moment you couldn’t read.  Now let’s say for a moment you were asked to bake a cake.

Besides eggs and milk, the other ingredients aren’t so identifiable.  Talk could be confused with flour. Salt looks a lot like sugar. Baking powder and baking soda are completely different.  Don’t even get me started on the difference between iodine and vanilla extract.  And don’t forget the recipe.  How much of all of this unknown crap with the weird writing are you supposed to put in a bowl when? How long are you supposed to cook it?

You wouldn’t have the answer unless you cooked with someone before and remember most of the motions. Even then, you would still need to know the ingredients.

Imagine how that cake would taste. yum….

If you can’t sing in tune at all, or barely, or sort of, or anything short of great and on pitch, that is your problem. Two problems really.

  1.  You don’t know the ingredients.
  2.  You don’t have a memory of doing it right.

In order to sing in tune, you have to be familiar with the ingredients of singing (sound and notes), and you have to practice making them.

This Course is FULL of drills that help you gain mental understanding, mental memory, and muscle memory of pitch.

If you can’t sing in tune at all, you will.

If you sing ok but can’t understand why you struggle with getting better, you will.

If you can sing well but can’t seem to tighten up to the next level, you will.

No matter where you are in your singing career, knowing the ingredients inside and out and establishing rudimentary skills of note generation is the most effective way to progress as a singer.

You are going to need a few things for this course.  A recording device and a keyboard of some sort.  There are plenty online that you can play right from your phone or computer if you don’t own one.  In fact there is a link on this website to virtual piano that you can use.

Ok.  Once you have those lets get started!!


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