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Welcome to vocal basic training.

When I was in the military I learned what the goal of basic training is all about.  The goal wasn’t to get me into shape and discipline me.  The goal of basic training is to strip a person down literally, mentally, and fundamentally of all their preconceived ideas, prejudices, pride, and purpose, and then rebuild a soldier.

If you want a soldier, that’s how you build one.  From the ground up. Luckily I grew out of most of it, but kept the good parts.

The basic courses of SFS are about building a singer. And in order to do that, we need to strip you down.

So what you need to do is leave all of your preconceived ideas, beliefs, and training at the door.  When you are ready, and if you still want to, you can pick them up when you leave. Because this course introduces you to the rock solid fundamentals from which you can develop your singing abilities to their ultimate potential. A solid foundation of the elemental fundamentals is what EVERY singer needs.

In fact EVERY singer employs the 6 Basic Elements of Singing whether they are aware of it or not. It is those 6 Elements of singing that make up every song by every singer ever sung.  No joke. So that’s why you need to leave your other junk at the door.

You are going to start learning how to sing from scratch.  Sound familiar?

This course introduces you to those 6 Elements of Singing and the Singing From Scratch Method of vocal education. Regardless of your level of proficiency, if you don’t understand these 6 elements fully, and explore them yourself to their full potential, you are not going to reach your full potential as a singer. It is really that simple.

So let’s get training!

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