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I took a video clip of one of my performances to demonstrate the power head voice.  Now, the head voice we cover in the how to sing book Singing From Scratch. The ‘Power’ part of the power head voice is an advanced technique.  Therefore this is actually a sneak preview into some of the things we will cover in the next book and on the advanced video course.

If you have read Singing From Scratch, then you are familiar with the Three voices, Resonance, and Resonance Modulation.  Well the Power Head Voice is actually a specific combination of the Head Voice and the Throat Voice supported with power to achieve optimum resonance, control, and resonance modulation through different vowel types.

If you haven’t read the first book Singing From Scratch, not much of that will make sense, but you can at least get and idea of what the result is of all that stuff by watching the video.

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